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Health Insurance and Medicare


The best description of a person newly eligible for Medicare is “CONFUSED”!  I hear comments such as: “Can’t they make Medicare any more complicated?”, “I’m just a simple man, I don’t understand Medicare.”, “Medicare has a language all its own.”  I take a person from a state of confusion to the ability to make an informed, confident Medicare plan decision.

Individual and Family

My clients under 65 typically are making health plan decisions on their own for the first time.  In the past, their employers made the choice for them.  I help my clients navigate the changes always happening in the insurance Marketplace.

Small Business

As a former Human Resources Manager of a manufacturing plant, I saw firsthand the challenges of business owners.  A rich benefits program is one of the best ways to attract the most qualified employees.  I’ve helped business owners evaluate the best health plan options for their employees for over 15 years.

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“My business success depends largely on the ‘support team’ I have assembled over time. I do not know how anyone can make a good decision about healthcare insurance without the guidance of a competent, well informed health insurance broker. That person IS Marsha Lewis.”

Marsha Lewis helped my husband and me both through the confusing world of Medicare and supplemental insurance options.  Without her guidance and expertise, I believe we would have chosen the incorrect plan for our specific needs.  Marsha was always available to talk with and if she didn’t have the answers was quick to respond with her research.  I highly recommend Marsha Lewis for your Medicare and supplemental insurance needs.

Connie & Dan

“I am 72 years old and have had several insurance representatives in my life and time and Marsha Lewis is the Best by Far!  Because it was a little hard for me to understand some of her health plans she was offering, she was willing to come on a personal basis and explain each one to me.”

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