Meet Marsha

Hello, I’m Marsha!

Yes I’m a Baby Boomer who grew up with “The Brady Bunch”. Many times when I introduce myself, the person responds with, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.”

New employees in two large companies attended my New Employee Benefits Orientation meetings and learned how to use their new benefits. At Greyhound Bus Lines, employees called me on the Employee Benefits Hot Line to ask questions about their benefits and seek solutions to their insurance problems. Later I helped business owners choose the best plans for their employees while I worked at an insurance agency.

I will put my years of experience and knowledge to good use and be your personal advocate helping you choose the right insurance at the right price and I will continue to be your advocate after you purchase a plan.

If you want help from someone you can trust, call “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha”.

Types of Insurances

Marsha Lewis Specializes in:

  • Medicare Eligible
  • Individual and Family
  • Small Businesses Offering Employee Benefits

Hear from Marsha, on "Second Half Now" Podcast

“Second Half Now: A Radio Show for Boomers and Beyonders”

Courtesy of Dr. Dan Critchett, On-Air Host

Confused about Medicare?

Without exception each of my clients who came for help with Medicare expressed his or her confusion about Medicare.  The link below may be of help, but I am happy to sit down with you to explain Medicare in a straight forward and simple way. (There is no charge to sit down with me to discuss Medicare.)

“My business success depends largely on the ‘support team’ I have assembled over time. I do not know how anyone can make a good decision about healthcare insurance without the guidance of a competent, well informed health insurance broker. That person IS Marsha Lewis.”


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